When Enough is ENOUGH!

I was staring at the clutter in my room trying to convince myself that I need everything I see. I tried to organize the room, but it still does not look like a room. There’s always something left and right.


You see, it’s all my husband’s fault. I’m okay staying in the room in what I believed an “organized” one. But he kept making side comments lately on how chaotic it seems.

On why I need so much stuff that I don’t really use.

Well, my fixed answer is always:

“But you never know when we can use it.”

Unmotivated as I was, I slowly removed every item I have and moved it to a different room. It’s my most dreaded day. The day that I have to deal with all the stuff I bought and decide which one I really need.

I was once a victim of consumerism. It held me so much that it choke me.

This picture might be embarrassing to share, but I will anyway.img_5542

This is just one part of my hoarding days. This is actually the neatest picture out of the others that seem like an apocalypse.

Well, I didn’t want to classify myself as a hoarder. After all, hoarders hoard random things even garbage. But then I realized I do not differ from them.

It all started when I saw some stuff on sale. It escalated from there. I had to  buy it now or else someone will get it. I will never have the chance to get it. I bought clothes, shoes, purses, perfumes, appliances, feminine stuff, junk, household materials and all random stuff my eyes can reach.img_5383

My husband supported my shopping spree. I would go out mostly everyday to bring home a random crap. For days that I feel like staying home, I would scour the internet on items I want. There goes my UPS guy, ringing the doorbell and running back and forth to deliver my stuff. It just goes on and on.

I always convince myself that I needed such item.

But when I open my closet, I always have to reorganize it because of the random stuff that keeps falling. I felt like my world became so small.

As I put back the item, I often ask myself “why did I buy this? When can I use it?”

So I took all the courage that week to sort my life. I separated things that I can donate, send to my family and the things that I REALLY need.

It turns out I have duplicate, nope, triplicate (is that a term) of most items. From 100% of the pie, I ended up having 50% of it. Now I want to make it 25%.

My husband came home one day seeing the room almost empty.

“Oh wow, this is so relaxing!”, he said. And even though I hate to admit it, I kinda like what I am seeing. It felt like I am elevated from a dumpster.

That event was nearly a year ago.

Now, I can completely share what it feels like when enough is ENOUGH!

  1. It feels so liberating. 
    • No clutter to be tripped on.
  2. I don’t need that much to make my life comfortable.
    • The things that I bought and gave away, I didn’t actually need them. I said I can use it someday, but it’s been a year already and I can still survive without it.
  3. I enjoy more time with my husband.
    • Instead of me wasting my time gallivanting around the mall, I watch movies with my husband.
  4. I feel more peaceful.
    • When everything around you looks neat, your inner spirit will thank you.
  5. I learned what my priorities are.
    • I began to see more of what life has to offer than what the store has lol.

We’ve all been there. Committed mistakes.

We’ve made to believe that we need more. That what we have is not yet enough. That we have to upgrade and buy more.

But as cliche as it may be, materials cannot make us really happy.

The quality of life is about having God in you, your love ones and richness of experiences.

I can always buy stuff, but I can never bring back that time that I should’ve spent with my love ones.

As of now, I go to grocery stores for our food and necessities. I do not miss the feeling of “shopping galore”. In fact, my day is so busy on trying to learn new stuff.

But I need to admit one thing. I still can’t get over my shoe addiction. img_5548

I have cut my stash in half, but I feel like I still have to cut it.

This is life! We have to let go of some things to make room for a better living.

So if consumerism tries to suck you in, kick it right away and say:

“Enough is ENOUGH!”


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