Make Your Own Two-piece Party Dress: Part 1

“We are going to a masquerade party this Saturday”, my husband expressed while he is slowly unpacking his lunchbox from work.

“Wait, what?“, is the immediate answer I gave him because sometimes he likes to say silly stuff.

He then proceeded to tell me that we are going to celebrate our Valentines date in a masquerade party.

So my mind started to wander instantly, not on the mask, rather on the outfit I should be wearing. I know I should wear something formal.

Duh! I don’t like to be out of place because I wore a dress the previous year thinking it’s just a regular date night in a restaurant.

It excites me so much especially when there is a fancy theme. But then something inside me is a little hesitant if I should go.

You see, lately, I lost my appetite and shed some weight. My body is already small. And it’s becoming more difficult for me to choose an outfit that would not fall from my waist or I would not look like a hanger.

Oh gosh! The dilemma.

I opened my laptop to check some possible outfits that would hopefully look good on me. “That’s it! I found it.” I screamed inside me as if every cell in me is rejoicing.

I found an outfit that I really like. As excited as I could get, I clicked on it right away. “Oh, this is the one for me.”

Then it flashed! Right there in front me! Like it was written in a HUGE, BOLD FONT.

Price Tag: $249!!! $249!!! $249!!!

I swallowed bitterly and immediately closed everything. Not that it is so expensive, but as much as possible, I refrain from buying stuff that I cannot fully maximize. So I cannot justify paying that much for a day’s event. Yes! I’m cheap! And I don’t like piling up on so much things lately.

As if a fairy godmother heard my cry,she showed me my tiny showing machine.

So the voice inside me says, “Kassey, $249? That’s not gonna happen. Why not go for DIY??? Yes! I said it right! DIY!”

Thank you to my Pinterest and Youtube fairies. I found a great tutorial that I was able to follow. This is my first time to sew a dress. I only sew pajamas and agh, amateur’s apron before.

I went to JoAnn’s fabric to gather my materials. I saw a model outfit that I really like and I patterned the color there.

I ended up making a Two-Piece Dress which I also happened to see during the recent Miss Universe Pageant.


Ooops! Don’t set your expectations too high. Not as extravagant as that though, lol.

I chose a Satin Blue Color for my Skirt and a little shimmering fabric for the top.


But as I continue to check more fabric, I found a better one for my top. So I ended up buying this instead.


Total breakdown of my expenses are:

  • Casa Matte Satin Blue for Skirt (2 yards)      $13.98 (Original: $19.98)
  • Square Sequin Silver for Top (1 1/2 yard)      $14.99 (Original: $37.49)
  • All Purpose Zippers (2 pieces)                          $4.78    (Original: $7.98)
  • Hook and Eye (1 box)                                           $1.49    (Original: $2.99)
  • Coordinating Thread                                            $0.99
  • Optional: Tulle fabric (I have at home)
    • Total:                                                              $36.23

I still have so much left over of the top fabric for future use and hook and eye.

I started with the skirt. I chose a Gathered Skirt because I think it is very easy to make even for beginners.1

I used two yards of fabric for my height of 5’1 (not Miss Universe height lol).

  1. Measure your desired length for skirt. I started from my waist up to below my ankle. You want to measure it while wearing the shoes you will be using. Set aside some fabric for additional waistband.
  2. Draw a line on the wrong side of the fabric to have a guide when you sew your thread. I chose the “shiny” part of my fabric as right side. z
  3. Set your sewing machine into the longest stitch and the highest number you have.
  4. Before sewing your lines, pull your thread so you will have long tail to pull later on. Sew your lines carefully. Do not back stitch. When you are at the end of the line, leave a long thread again for pulling.2.JPG
  5. Make sure that you have long tails of thread for both the upper and lower line. Lay your fabric flat after sewing. Get the two uppermost thread and knot them together as close as possible to the fabric. Cut the ends of the uppermost thread after you tied them. Make sure to do the same on the opposite end of the fabric.3
  6. You will be left with two tails of bottom thread on opposite ends. Start gathering your fabric. Start from left and just slowly move the gathers in the center. Work also the right side until you achieve the desired width. Make sure not to exert too much force or you will break your threads.4
  7. Once you achieved your desired width, tie the threads together on each opposite ends. Make sure the knots are close to the gathered fabric so the gathers won’t get loose. At this point, You can wrap it around your waist to check if you like the width and the length.

    Right side of the fabric after gathering
  8. Cut fabric for your waistband based on your desired width. I want mine a little thicker so I went for 4 inches.

    Fabric for waistband
  9. Fold the waistband fabric in half. Pin it to the wrong side of the fabric on where the gathers are. Make sure that the raw edges are facing upwards. img_9305
  10. You will see that I pinned my folded waistband on the wrong side of my fabric facing upwards. Sew the pinned portions carefully on your machine.fullsizerender-3
  11. After sewing them together, you will notice that you have a huge waistband. Fold it forward in such a way that the ends will meet the right side of the fabric like so. You should be able to meet the first line of thread. Sew the waistband again. img_9307
  12. After sewing the waistband, flip it up to see if you like it. I like how it turned out. Whoah! You are almost there. You still have energy right? At this point, wrap it around your waist to check if it fits properly.fullsizerender-4fullsizerender-5
  13. Don’t give up. We are about to finish. Now before we attach the zipper, hem the two opposite sides of the skirt to avoid the fabric from fraying. It does not need to be perfect.img_9309
  14. It’s now time to attach the zipper. Pin your zipper just below the waistband up to the length of the zipper. Right side of the zipper should face the right side of the fabric. I had no zipper foot but I had no problems attaching it on my skirt. If you are scared to put a zipper, well get an inspiration from me. It is my first time to attach a zipper. Watch some Youtube tutorials. It’s fairly easy to do. img_9311
  15. After you have attached the zipper, flip it up to make sure you did it right. It is also time to check if it fits you properly. Now sew the two ends together all the way to your zipper to close your skirt.

    Sew these two together to close your skirt.
  16. Yes! We are getting close to it! Now for the almost final step, hem the bottom of your skirt to avoid it from fraying which is basically what we did in step number 13.
  17. Attach eyelet and hook on the wrong side of your waistband a little over your zipper to have an enclosure.

And you are officially done making your skirt! Is that a lot to take for you?

It seems a lot, but I actually listed the steps in a very detailed way. I suggest that you try it out with a tiny version first using any scrap fabric you have.

To try a mini version of this, check out this tutorial which I followed to make my skirt.

Thank you Howcast!

Do you wanna see how mine turned out?

Here it is! Yay! I like it. I actually received compliments during the party. Most of the people there were wearing black so my outfit really stood out lol. I also received good comments when I posted it on my FB page asking me where I bought it. Mmmm, not shabby for a first timer.img_20170228_150545_147img_20170228_150705_858img_20170228_150802_083

I’m sure you are catching your breath still from reading this post. To give you a room for break, I will be posting how I made the top on a separate post. I hope you follow it up next. Get up and get all those creative juices flowing!

I tell you, it’s so fulfilling to wear the things that you make.

I swear!


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  1. vvibrance says:

    I love the skirt so much

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    1. walkingwithfavor says:

      Thank you. It is very easy to make and very flexible on whatever occasion.

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      1. vvibrance says:

        Are you a designer?


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