10 Thoughts you need to remind yourself everyday!

There are days that we feel we are doomed by loneliness. We feel like everything we do just doesn’t make any sense. Negativity keeps pulling us down, and we just doesn’t have the energy to go on with our day.

I had a phase in my life where I got filled with negativity. Everything just seems to be heavy that it drags down my whole being. I felt tired every single day despite of me not doing anything physically. It was a feeling that I wasn’t accustomed to since I am a positive person. It felt like a long journey and had no idea where the ending will be. Until I tried to fight the very cause of it — my own thoughts!

I need to shift my way of thinking to avoid falling on the fangs of pessimism. Here are the 10 thoughts I always remind myself everyday. I hope they will help you as well:

  1. I am extremely blessed today!
    • The fact that you just woke up this morning is a very sign of a new blessing. I also like to enumerate all other blessings I have: my relationship with God, my husband, our health, our peace of mind, our family, our friends, foods, house, savings, experiences and every little thing I could think of. I try to condition my mind the moment I wake up about how extremely blessed I am!
  2. I run my own race!
    • Don’t feel bothered if there is a delay on your timeline. If you feel like your peers are heading way past you, always think that God has a perfect timeline for all of us. The delay that you experience right now is essential to the future you are about to face. It is just up to you on how to maximize that delay time. You do not need to compare yourself with others because we all run our own race. It doesn’t matter how fast we are. What matters is how we finish our race!
  3. I don’t need to entertain all the thoughts that come to me!
    • You may have probably experienced thinking of so much stuff. We think that because we have thought of it, we have to believe it. Nope! Our brain can be deceiving sometimes. We have to make decisions to reject the thoughts that bring negativity to us. You can learn to shrug an unwanted thought you have.
  4. I will not be affected by the opinions of people toward me!
    • We are surrounded by lots of people everyday. If they say something negative toward you, do not let that affect you. Or even when a stranger in the grocery store looked at you in a sharp way. Just remember that few days from now, that unsolicited advice or opinion from others will vanish. But if you hold on to it for too long, it will only affect you in a negative way.
  5. I don’t have it altogether everyday but that’s okay!
    • No matter how much we strive to be organized everyday, it just doesn’t get right all the time. But that’s perfectly fine! Nobody is perfect right? Go outside. Breathe a fresh air. Do something else to break the routine. I like to go out in my garden or write random things in my journals.
  6. What I see on social media is just a portion of a story!
    • Did you see the unlimited couple photos on Facebook? What about the latest travel photos of someone on your friend’s list? the bragging moments? the rants? the memes? and the list goes on and on. Studies show that social media actually plays a huge factor on a stress level of a person. Remember that people only post what others want them to see. What you see there is not the entire story. Don’t complicate it on your mind. I like, comment and go past through it because I always tell myself we all have our own stories.
  7. It’s okay to make mistakes!
    • I tend to be a perfectionist and it frustrates me so much at times. I try to strive to make everything right. Just like when I see that inspiring Pinterest food recipe or crafty post. I always expect mine to turn out just like that post but sometimes it turns ugly. It frustrates me but because I try to see the positive side of it, I embrace the mistakes and learn from them.
  8. I am as equal as all the people around me.
    • When I moved to a different country, I sort of felt insecure because of language barrier and race. I felt like I’m inferior in all ways. But then I reminded myself that I am a human being just like them and that we are all equal in the eyes of God. We all have strengths and weaknesses. And when I feel insecure talking because of my accent, I tell myself it is a sign that I know  more than one language.
  9. I am able!
    • Tell yourself “I can do almost anything I put myself into if I keep pushing myself.” My sisters always tell me that I am more of a theory-type of person and lacks creativity like them. I spent most of my school days focused on academics, and I did not pay attention to crafts or cooking. All of my family members are positive that I do well in school but not in crafty, women type of activities. But when I had the time (delay time and wait what God has in store for me), I tried to learn crocheting, sewing, photography, baking, cooking and gardening. And I am positive to report to you that I was able to learn all of those. Did I tell you I am learning some foreign language too? Because I am able!
  10. Jesus loves me no matter what!
    • This is the most important reminder for me. When I feel like stress and depression is about to knock me down, I always tell myself that God loves me, and I will go pass through my challenges. God will always be there for me. I learned this when my husband leaves for work and my family and friends are busy to talk to me. It is only Jesus that keeps me sane and assured me He will never leave me.

We are what we think! If you feed your mind with negativity, chances are you will be a negative person. You can train your mind to think of good thoughts. I always remind myself these and praise God, depression has never visited me since that time I had a change of mind.


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