Preservative-Free Beef Bone Broth Powder: Make Your Own Series

IF you are like me and made the decision to eat healthier and decided to prepare your own food, you are probably scouting for recipe ideas to try. It’s really so fun browsing on good photos on Pinterest as if you are looking at the menus in a restaurant. While there are tons of easy and claiming to be healthy recipes, I found that most of them require the use of beef broth or chicken broth and even bouillon cubes. Agh, I’m not a fan of these cubes. Even the store bought broth that says low in sodium has a not so good reputation for me. Sometimes the taste is bland. And as much as possible, I try to reduce our sodium intake.

So after searching here and there and trying it out myself, I have found a good broth powder to supplement my recipes. And this one is absolutely legit! It is preservative free. You make it and you have control on the flavor that gets into it.

I have made this quite a few times, and I figured out why not share it with you. I used Beef Bones here filled with marrows. My husband picked it up for me from our local meat provider, and I know that they are of good quality. And why would you wanna use beef bones? Because it is filled with collagen that is very essential and rebuilding cells. Plus, a warm beef broth will soothe your body and soul.

If you have read my other posts, I don’t always enumerate all the pros and cons here. I leave that for you to research. I am here to share with you how I make my Beef Bone Broth Powder so you don’t need to stuff yourself with too much sodium, -exetrin, -avin, whatever that is on the label of the broth you are using. I have to caution you though that it requires time.

If you are willing to invest time, this project is for you. But don’t worry! I only said time because it requires minimal effort. It is sort of dump, wait and resume type of project.

So here you go!

Let me tell you what you need:

  • slow cooker or crockpot
  • beef bones or soup bones (grass-fed preferably)
  •  carrots, celery, onion
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • salt (optional)
  • black pepper
  • dehydrator
  1. You wanna use good quality beef bones. I prefer using grass-fed  beef because the flavor is really outstanding. Ask your butcher. Sometimes they give them for free. Unfortunately, mine does not. I got them $2.99/lb. For this project, I used 5 pounds. So that’s like approximately $15. And make sure that it’s the one with bone marrows.

    Fresh from the butcher
  2. Dump your bones in the slow cooker.

    Ready for a long journey?
  3. Season it with salt and pepper depending on your preference. Don’t go too hard on salt so when you use it on your recipes, you can adjust the saltiness level. I like to use Kosher salt.

    Roast for 8 hours
  4. Turn on your slow cooker on high and let them roast for 8 hours. Do not add any water. Your house will smell like roast beef during this process, lol.
  5. After 8 hours, you are ready on the next phase. Splash a tablespoon and a half of Apple Cider Vinegar. This really helps remove the unwanted smell and makes the broth clear aside from the benefits it gives. I also dump in the vegetables I love to include when I make my stock like carrots, celery and whole onion. Fill up your crockpot with water.

    Don’t forget your water!
  6. Now set your crockpot on low and let it cook for 48 hours. Wait, did you read it right? Yes, I said 48 hours which is equivalent to two days. You can do whatever you want while waiting. Sing your heart out. Shop around. Set up a dinner date in the balcony. The choice is yours my friend!
  7. After 48 hours, some of the water will evaporate. You can discard all the veggies. I do have to tell you that I sneaked in just tiny amount of salt for it to have a taste.

    Us after 48 hours
  8. You can actually drink the broth right now and just add a little salt based on your preference. But that’s not the point of this post. It took me so much will power not to drink any of it.
  9. Remove the bones and the vegetables. Filter it to have a clear broth. Refrigerate it overnight. Yes, it is an additional one day. But hey, you won’t actually do anything but wait. Why would you do this? To let all the fats solidify so you can easily remove them. Fats are your greatest enemy when dehydrating and preserving foods.

    Achieve for that clear broth
  10. Once it has been refrigerated overnight, the fats will arise on top and will look like this.

    Wait? What is that?
  11. Remove the solidified fat. It is very easy to remove. It all comes off easily. Looks can be deceiving but this is definitely not white chocolate. (Mmm because of that, I’m grabbing some white chocolates right now, lol)

    Ba-bye stubborn fat!
  12. After removing all those fat, you will see a gelatinous mixture like this. Heat that up again on low heat until your mixture is reduced. This requires a little patience again. You know that it has been reduced properly when it is thick like a gravy.img_9207
  13. Once it has reduced into a gravy, pour it into the fruit roll up sheets of your dehydrator. Aim to spread it evenly so they will dehydrate faster. img_9208
  14. You will know that it has been dehydrated already when they come off easily on the roll sheets. They will crack off easily. This process took about 6 hours.
  15. Grind them in your coffee grinder.
  16. I like to do this extra step to ensure it is dry enough for storage. After grinding, I put them back in the dehydrator for like 2-3 hours. Once there is no crumbling, it means it is dry enough.

    Yay! Woah! That’s a fulfilling work!
  17. Store in an airtight container. I just put it in my pantry and I have no issues so far because it has been dried enough.
    Ready to hit my recipes!

    Wait! Did we just make that beef broth powder?

Yes, we did! I usually just use one teaspoon of it. If I need it for soup or gravy, I dissolve it in 1 cup of hot water. This is also best to add in instant soups which I do. Together with my dehydrated vegetables. I hope I can make that series soon. Don’t feel bad on the amount of broth you will have because this is a very concentrated broth powder. Meaning to say a little goes a long way.

I hope you benefited from this post. I know it’s a lot of waiting time but not everything comes easy. If you like it, hit follow.




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